The stars we've lost so far in 2022

Several mega stars left us in 2021 and, sadly, 2022 continues that trend. From some of the most iconic actors to music legends, sports personalities, fashion designers, and more, in this gallery we remember and pay tribute to the famous faces who have passed away so far in 2022. Click on to find out more.

Geetanjali Shree becomes first Indian winner of International Booker Prize

Geetanjali Shree has become the first Indian winner of the International Booker Prize for her novel Tomb of Sand. The book follows the story of an 80-year-old woman after the death of her husband and is set during the partition of India in 1947. It was the first Hindi-language book to be shortlisted for the £50,000 prize and was translated to Engli...

Showing Up review – Kelly Reichardt’s indie art drama is downbeat but diverting

Subtlety and reticence are the keynotes of this diverting if insistently downbeat new picture from Kelly Reichardt, photographed in the soft, indie-stonewashed colours that are part of this director’s signature. An artist and ceramicist in Portland, Oregon is on the verge of an important new show, but she’s plagued with personal problems. Her neighbour-slash-landlady (a fellow or rival artist, as it happens) is failing to fix the hot water in...

Celebs who made it without their famous parents' last name

It's safe to say that a famous name can take you places. You don't automatically get a free pass to success, but it certainly helps if your last name is known in the world of showbiz. Many stars born to famous families have, however, rejected the old tradition of nepotism. In fact, all the celebrities in this gallery have shown that they could become successful without the weight of their famous parents' last name behind them. Click through and discover the stars who've found their own fame without their celebrity parents' last name.

Halle Berry’s new film shut down in live ammo drama

Halle Berry’s new film was shut down after crew found suspected live ammunition on set.

Gogglebox viewers not impressed after stars label Top of the Pops from 1992 'olden days'

Other stars were bopping along to the throwback songs!

The ultimate Tom Petty playlist

Celebrate Tom Petty's life and musical career with a playlist showcasing his best work, be it with his longtime band, the Heartbreakers, solo or with the supergroup the Traveling Wilburys.

The history of virtual concerts - from K-pop to ABBA Voyage

Euronews looks back at the history of virtual and hologram concerts. View on euronews

15 of the best Community episodes

Earn a pseudo associates degree with the top episodes from the classic college comedy

21 Popular ‘90s Movies That Are Actually Terrible

These movies have not aged well...

Ray Liotta obituary

‘As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.” Those words, delivered with lingering fascination by the actor Ray Liotta, who has died unexpectedly aged 67, ushered audiences into Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas (1990), one of the most dynamic pictures made about the criminal life and its enticements. Liotta, playing the real mobster-turned-informant Henry Hill, has just been seen taking part in the fatal knifing of a mob rival...

Laurence Fox: Journalist Ash Sarkar says actor asked her what colour her ‘knickers’ were

Sarkar said Fox’s question came after she questioned the actor on ‘who’s funding his defamation defence’

Jodie Foster lands first regular TV role in almost 50 years

Jodie Foster has landed her first regular TV role in almost 50 years and will take on the role of Liz Danvers in hit HBO crime drama 'True Detective'

Ellen DeGeneres finale highlights: Jennifer Aniston jokes about divorce and Ellen's emotional final monologue brings fans to tears

The Ellen DeGeneres Show officially wrapped up after 19 seasons and the host delivered a memorable monologue to mark the occasion

Best lightsaber fights: Epic duels from across the Star Wars universe

These are the 10 best lightsaber fights in Star Wars, ever. Don't fight us on this, we have the high ground.

Looking back at Carey Mulligan's impressive career

From an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for 2009's 'An Education' to a Tony Award nom in 2015 for Best Leading Actress in a Play for 'Skylight,' and then starring in the BBC Two/Netflix co-production 'Collateral' in 2018, Carey Mulligan's career has undoubtedly been on the rise over the past decade and then some. Of course, she also recently added yet another Oscar nom for Best Actress to the list, this time for 'Promising Young Woman' (2020). In this gallery, we look back at her impressive career. Click on to enjoy a ride over 15 years in the making!

The surprising books you never knew were banned

These books were banned at one point - but have you got them at home?

Film producers defend Kevin Spacey after sexual assault charges

Film producers defend Kevin Spacey after sexual assault charges - The actor, 62, is set to star in upcoming film ‘Peter Five Eight’

Fans absolutely hated these casting choices

When it comes to casting popular characters for TV or film, fans have some pretty big opinions. Sometimes a character is so established in pop culture that any attempt to break the mould is met with anger, while other times viewers just think a particular actor isn’t up to the job. Robert Pattinson as the next Batman and Halle Bailey as Ariel in the upcoming The Little Mermaid are just two examples of casting announcements that spurred ire on the internet. Here’s a list of 20 other casting choices that fans originally hated.

Famous figures accused of sexual misconduct

The era of #MeToo has brought waves of fresh sexual misconduct allegations against some prominent and powerful figures. It might seem like all of these accusations are new, but the fact is that victims are only just starting to feel more comfortable in sharing their experiences, and these acts of sexual misconduct and abuse have been going on for many, many years. The difference is that, now, people are paying attention. The public is still learning how to deal with figures accused of sexual crimes, but by putting these stories in the spotlight, a discussion can be had about the power structures that enable these patterns, the faults our society has had in the past in dealing with them, and the steps we can take to do better. Read through this gallery to discover defamed faces who have been accused of sexual misconduct.

The intriguing and complicated life of Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford was one of Hollywood's most recognized movie stars of the 1940s. Beginning her career in the silent era, she went on to triumph in films like 'Mildred Pierce' (1945) and, later, 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' (1962). But Crawford had a darker side. While her long-running feud with Bette Davis is the stuff of legend, the allegations that she was an abusive and alcoholic mother forever tarnished her reputation. Nonetheless, she remains an iconic figure in Hollywood history. Curious to know more? Click through for a look at the life and work of Joan Crawford.

Indiana Jones 5 release date shared, Harrison Ford almost done

An image of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones with his famous hat on as light streamed into a cave was seen at the Star Wars Celebration at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim.

Andy Fletcher obituary

Bands could not function without a member designated the quiet standard bearer, and in Depeche Mode that was Andy Fletcher, who has died suddenly aged 60. Constitutionally modest, he was lucky inasmuch as the group had two members – singer Dave Gahan and guitarist Martin Gore – who were comfortable with being Depeche Mode’s public face. That allowed Fletcher, universally known as Fletch, to get on with being their backbone. He was crucial to...

Helen Mirren and Andie MacDowell DANCE at Mother And Son premiere

Helen, 76, and Andie, 64, were simply radiant as they giggled, hugged and even had a dance together on Friday as they made a spectacular appearance at the Mother and Son premiere during Cannes.

Marvel reveals 2 new 'Star Wars: The High Republic' comic series at Star Wars Celebration 2022

Marvel Comics just announced two new "Star Wars: The High Republic" series arriving in October and November 2022.

Gemma Collins replaced by Loose Women star after leaving Chicago

TOWIE star pulled out after suffering a knee injury.

Actors who played roles outside their comfort zone

To break free from typecasting and expand their acting repertoire, many actors have chosen to play roles which are completely the different to their normal characters. These parts could be different in terms of gender, race, or just personality. See which actors have taken on roles out of their comfort zones!

Rory Kinnear on humour, horror and trauma: ‘I went in the truck and there was my skull again, sent to haunt me’

You can never be sure who you are going to meet when you interview an actor. Will it be the leery landowner with prosthetic teeth and nice little holiday mansion, the lank-haired, hand-wringing vicar, or perhaps the phantasmagorical green man who lets it all hang out? Rory Kinnear is all of these – and more besides – in his latest film, Men, a creepy symbolist horror mashup written and directed by Alex Garland. But the man who has just walked...

Justin Timberlake sells 200 songs in deal ‘worth just over $100m’

Justin Timberlake sells 200 songs in deal ‘worth just over $100m’ - The ‘Rock your Body’ singer has sold full control and ownership over his interest in the tracks

Ray Lotta poignantly revealed his plans to finish watching ‘The Sopranos’ in final interview

Ray Liotta poignantly said in his final interview he wanted to get to the end of watching ‘The Sopranos’.

Depp-Heard trial: jury to resume deliberations on Tuesday

The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial headed toward its conclusion on Friday as the dueling parties offered closing arguments after a seven-week trial that has gripped public attention and become something of a litmus test for the state of gender relations. Seven of 11 impaneled jurors selected for the trial when it started in April spent a couple of hours beginning to deliberate a verdict after the conclusion of those closing arguments,...

Fans share sadness after Andy Fletcher of Depeche Mode dies aged 60

The band shared a statement on social media

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ and the impressive legacy of 'Star Wars'

Are you a 'Star Wars' fan? In this gallery, we've put together some interesting facts that you may not have known about the legendary saga. Think you can prove us wrong? Click on the gallery and see for yourself!

Gogglebox's Jenny out of hospital as Lee confirms they'll both return for series 20

September can't come quick enough!

Dylan Llewellyn says Derry Girls are like 'sisters': 'I don’t think we would go there'

As the star chats about sex scenes in his new series Big Boys.

Johnny Depp rumoured to be signed for ‘Beetlejuice 2’

Johnny Depp is rumoured to be making his post-trial film comeback by starring in Beetlejuice 2.

Queen 'looking forward' to welcoming Lilibet, Harry and Meghan with 'open arms' at Jubilee

The Queen is said to be looking forward to seeing her granddaughter Lilibet for the first time at her Jubilee and “will welcome Harry and Meghan with open arms."

How musical genres got their names

Names that we take for granted, like "metal" and "trap" music, take on abstract forms when you start thinking about them. So what are the etymological roots of some of our favorite genres? Get to clickin', 'cos we're about to find out.

Andrew Fletcher: the pop-loving everyman who held Depeche Mode together

Andy Fletcher was the last person to tell you why he was vital to Depeche Mode. In 101, the classic 1989 tour documentary directed by DA Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus, he said: “Martin’s the songwriter, Alan’s the good musician, Dave’s the vocalist, and I bum around.” He knew there was much more to it than that, but the man they all called Fletch felt no need to shout about it. Depeche Mode are one of the most popular and influential British...

The Baldwin brothers, cinema's savviest siblings

The Baldwin brothers—Alec, Daniel, William, and Stephen—are cinema's savviest siblings. All actors, each has enjoyed success in film and television, with eldest brother Alec the A-lister of the pack. But along with the starry-eyed highs of fame, there have been some barrel-scraping lows, including embarrassing run-ins with the law. But the brothers somehow always bounce back, and they continue to endear themselves to Hollywood and the profession they excel in. Intrigued by this family? Browse this gallery for a Baldwin brothers career throwback.

50 Celebrities on Their Very First Red Carpet

Brace yourself for some A-list blasts from the past.

Busy Philipps confirms she has split from husband of 14 years Marc Silverman

Busy Philipps has confirmed her 14 year marriage to Marc Silverman is over.

A bored Robert Smith barely miming on TV with The Cure in 1980 is grumpy goth gold

When The Cure performed A Forest on Dutch TV on July 3, 1980, a bored-looking Robert Smith could barely be bothered...

All the details on Ellen DeGeneres' public fall from grace

There was once a time when Ellen DeGeneres’ brand seemed like the only reliable one out there—after all, how could you go wrong with “be kind” as your motto and huge charity giveaways as your signature move? Unfortunately, her position as “one of the good ones” only made her fall harder when numerous claims came out from current and former employees of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show' in 2020. They revealed that the star and her eponymous show are not nearly as nice as they seemed. There were allegations of racism, bullying, sexual harassment, and assault on set, dealing a brutal blow to the host's reputation. All things considered, DeGeneres made a a reasonably successful comeback, but her show was never quite the same. Her decision to end it in 2022 with a 19th and final season was therefore no big surprise. But what really happened? Click through the gallery to find out how it all started, and how she came to the decision to exit the show.

Harry Styles dominates UK charts with new album Harry’s House

Harry Styles has dominated the UK charts with the release of Harry’s House, the fastest-selling album of 2022 so far. Harry’s House reached No 1 with 113,000 copies sold – a number derived from streams and physical sales – and with Styles outselling the rest of the Top 40 combined in the vinyl chart. His previous album Fine Line returns to the chart at No 8, and his self-titled debut is at No 29. Lead single As It Was remains at No 1 in the...

The best apocalypse movies to watch before the end of the world

There’s something oddly comforting about watching an apocalypse movie, especially nowadays—it can help put things into perspective. Sure, things look pretty bad, but at least they’re not this bad, right? We feel fine about this list of films where it’s the end of the world as we know it.

Testimony At Amber Heard And Johnny Depp’s Trial Revealed Aquaman 2’s Main Story

Aquaman 2 is being kept under wraps, but some details have been revealed thanks to Amber Heard's legal battle against Johnny Depp.

These actors were heartthrobs in their youth

Time goes by, even for stars who were once considered sex symbols. Robert Redford, for example, was once considered one of Hollywood's most handsome man. The actor, now 85, made good use of his physical attributes, playing unforgettable characters, and still retains a certain charm in his mature years. It is not the case of other stars who have neglected their appearance and ended up aging poorly. Check it out!

BBC EastEnders fans spot Queen Vic's Princess Diana portrait removed ahead of Prince Charles episode

Did you notice it too?

Charles and Camilla celebrate Platinum Jubilee in EastEnders teaser clip