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Martin Lewis fan explains how they got back £2,585 after common tax code error

Martin Lewis has issued this advice frequently over the last few years and one fan wrote in to tell the money show team that he had managed to cash in after acting on one of Martin's previous warnings

Prince Harry Drama: Will He Now Have To Leave The USA?

Prince Harry probably didn't think this through properly. The royal's openness could have serious repercussions as some of his recent statements have put his US stay at risk.

EastEnders spoiler pictures reveal Reiss secret, major Lola news and Linda destroyed

Your weekly dose of EastEnders spoilers in picture format (March 27 to 31)

Craig David compares 'racist' Bo Selecta to being bullied at school

The singer has hit out at the show.

Tyson Fury’s wife Paris confirms she is pregnant with couple’s seventh child

Tyson Fury’s wife Paris confirms she is pregnant with couple’s seventh child - The couple have been together since their teenage years and got married in 2008

JoJo Siwa faced coming out criticism from employers

JoJo Siwa faced a "negative" reaction from her former employers when she came out as gay two years ago.

Stars who died in almost the exact same way

Some celebrities have died in truly bizarre ways. But things get even weirder when two stars die in almost the exact same way. What are the odds of two celebs being shot in front of their homes, or dying of a heart attack during a performance, right? In this gallery, you'll get to know the details of these and many other celebrity deaths. Click through and discover which celebrities died almost the exact same way.

Singer accused of 'butchering' English national anthem apologises

EXCLUSIVE BY NICK PISA: Singer Ellynora has apologised to fans after technical hitches meant she 'butchered' God Save The King ahead of England's 2-1 Euro qualifying win over Italy.

Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff to ‘leave Top Gear’ as filming on series 34 halted

Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff to ‘leave Top Gear’ as filming on series 34 halted - The Times reported that Flintoff ‘has decided to leave the show’ following an accident in December last year.

Essential series to watch in one sitting

Halle Bailey's Little Mermaid won't 'leave the ocean for a boy'

Actress Halle Bailey has revealed the new live action version of The Little Mermaid will be very different to Disney's 1989 animated film - and Ariel will no longer give up her home in the sea just to find love won't 'leave the ocean for a boy'

Here's what you need to know about King Charles' coronation

The royal will officially be crowned king this May – here’s everything you need to know about the service, from who is attending to bank holiday dates

Magical facts about Harry Houdini and his illusions

If you're a fan of magic, then you've probably heard of Harry Houdini. But how much do you really know about one of the most famous magicians in history? Even if he died nearly a century ago, the legacy of this Hungarian-American mystic has never faded. Known for his death-defying stunts, many of Houdini's tricks still baffle modern-day magicians. Well, you might be amazed to learn that his life was just as fascinating. Click on to discover some intriguing facts about Harry Houdini and his illusions.

Emmerdale hints at fan favourite's exit as they make huge decision

Emmerdale's Samson Dingle has hinted at a potential exit from the village amid his betrayal of the mother of his child Amelia Spencer, as well as cousin Noah Dingle

Horror for Tracy in Coronation Street as she discovers daughter Amy was raped

Will the police arrest Aaron? Or will Tracy get to him first?

‘Tours are no longer fun’: Neil Young lambasts Ticketmaster for ripping off fans

Neil Young has lambasted Ticketmaster over its concert ticketing policies, saying “concert tours are no longer fun” due to what he sees as exploitative pricing. Young wrote on his website: It’s over. The old days are gone. I get letters blaming me for $3,000 tickets for a benefit I am doing. That money does not go to me or the benefit. Artists have to worry about ripped off fans blaming them for Ticketmaster add-ons and scalpers. Concert tours...

You be the judge: should my girlfriend get over her addiction to lip balm?

The prosecution: Damilola Sade is obsessed with lip balm and applies it hundreds of times a day. I think it’s bad for her My girlfriend Sade has an unhealthy obsession with lip balms. If she doesn’t have one at hand, she freaks out. She literally can’t sleep until her lips are coated in something. She says her lips get super dry if she doesn’t use balms and butters. But I think that’s because her body has got accustomed to them. I once showed...

Royal Family LIVE: Florida boss admits Americans find Harry and Meghan 'annoying'

Ron DeSantis said he admired the Queen's "stoicism" but added that he is a "little mixed" when it comes to younger royals.

Apprentice runner up accuses BBC series of 'doing her dirty' after losing final

This years runner-up on The Apprentice would seemingly like to 'fire' the show's picture team, as Rochelle Anthony hits out at the BBC for 'doing her dirty' in the buildup to last night's tense all-female final

Olivia Edit Aarnio "Paint" Los Angeles Premiere Red Carpet Arrivals Broll footage: Fashion model Olivia Edit Aarnio on the red carpet at the IFC Films' premiere of "Paint" held at The Theatre at the ACE Hotel Downtown in Los Angeles, California USA on March 23, 2023. "This video is only available for editorial use on Broadcast TV, online, and worldwide platforms. To ensure compliance and proper licensing of this video, please get in contact with us” ©MaximoTV

Tetris to Jesus Christ Superstar: the seven best films to watch on TV this week

Pick of the week Tetris The race to win the rights to a computer game is not the usual stuff of cold war thrillers, but Jon S Baird makes the most of this remarkable real-life tale. Taron Egerton is engagingly desperate as US salesman Henk Rogers, who spots an opportunity to bundle Tetris – invented by a Russian, Alexey Pajitnov (Nikita Efremov) – with Nintendo’s new Game Boy console. That means negotiating with a Soviet state in its last...

'America is waking up': Harry and Meghan warned the tide is turning amid parody books

Prince Harry's memoir Spare is being parodied with the release of Spare Us! A Harrody just two months after his controversial book was published at the beginning of January.

She was Albert of Monaco's "secret" daughter: Jazmin Grace Grimaldi

Corrie to air motor neurone disease storyline as cobbles favourite is diagnosed

Coronation Street's Paul Foreman, played by Peter Ash, will discover he has the terminal illness in what are sure to be emotional episodes of the hit ITV soap

Noel Gallagher's new song inspired by fans who get his lyrics wrong

Former Oasis star Noel Gallagher has revealed his new High Flying Birds single Dead to the World is inspired by Argentinian fans who camp outside his hotel and sing the wrong lyrics to his music

20 celebrities who don’t deserve all this attention

The concept of celebrity is something that’s been around since the first histrionic caveperson decided to take control of shadow puppet hour at the weekly cave meeting. While it’s hard to isolate the moment fame became a stand-in for simply existing, it’s safe to say that the obsession with “being someone” has driven the behaviour of countless people into a lifelong pursuit of attention-seeking antics. Social media seems to have levelled the playing field. Where celebrity was once something that could be attained only through some form of talent or contribution, these days you can become famous for saying the wrong thing on the internet. And in this confusing environment, there are altogether too many celebrities who remain famous despite behaviours that should have killed their careers long ago. Here are 20 famous people who truly don’t deserve the attention they get.

Jack Keating's daughter's mother Keely shares adorable snap of her cradling little girl

She shared a sweet photo on Instagram.

Charity is raging to discover Samson's blackmail of Noah in Emmerdale

Dingle Code: Broken. Again.

Boris Becker talks one-night stand with Russian model that ended marriage in documentary

Boris Becker has filmed a new two-part documentary about his life, titled 'Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker'

Richard Wilkins' son speaks out over photo of his dad's arrest

Richard Wilkins' son, Christian Wilkins, has addressed a series of photos circulating the internet of his dad supposedly getting arrested by police.

Conor Benn's house broken into while wife and son were home alone in 'terrifying' ordeal

Conor Benn had only just left his home moments before the break-in.

Queen Letizia takes drastic measure

Queen Letizia takes drastic measure

Don’t look down: 100 years of Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last!

It is one of the most famous images in film history: a bespectacled man dangles from the hands of a broken clock, 12 storeys above the Los Angeles traffic. The climax of Harold Lloyd’s slapstick suspense masterpiece Safety Last!, which is about to celebrate its centenary, is also a defining image of the city, much like the construction workers perched on a steel beam in the 1932 news photograph Lunch Atop a Skyscraper is for New York. They share...

John Bishop issues heartbreaking announcement as he feels ‘heartbroken pain like no other'

John Bishop shared a tear-jerking tribute to his late mum who tragically died on Thursday morning.

Movies that bankrupted their studios

Filmmaking is an art that some have certainly mastered, but no matter how skilled a team you assemble, it's always going to be a gamble once you release it into the world. Sometimes a serious action blockbuster becomes a joke, or a major advancement in visual effects simply isn't appreciated by the audience. The tides can change at the drop of a hat and a sure thing turns out to be anything but. On the other hand, sometimes production companies are at fault for throwing millions of dollars at a turd... Let's take a look at the movies that tanked so badly they took the studios down with them. Click through the gallery and prepare to cringe.

Celebrities get real about the worst jobs they've ever had

The trope of the starving artist has proven true for the majority of celebrities (or at least the ones who didn't come from wealthy showbiz families...). Many of the biggest stars came from average homes in small towns, and had to hustle hard to make ends meet while they followed their dreams. In many cases, this meant taking whatever terrible jobs came their way so they could pay the rent while they auditioned or saved up for acting classes. Some took on jobs that the average person wouldn't dream of, proving just how dedicated they were to funding their passions. Click through the following gallery to discover the worst jobs these celebrities ever had.

Emmerdale star reveals Gabby's plot to silence Caleb over shock Nicky secret

Caleb may very well have met his match.

Celebrities who've come out as transgender or non-binary

Some famous locations not to be missed if you are a movie lover

If you are a movie buff, visiting the locations of your favorite movies can be an incredible experience. Walking on the streets that have seen your favorite actors pass by, admiring the natural landscapes that served as the background for the most famous scenes, and recognizing the filming locations are just some of the thrills you can experience. In this photo gallery we present you with some famous location from movies that you can't miss if you are a true cinephile, from the breathtaking scenery of New Zealand to the evocative city of New York and the romantic beaches of the Seychelles.

Ben Shephard 'mortified' as he's left with head injury after 'embarrassing' accident

Ben Shephard was sat alongside Kate Garraway for Friday's instalment of Good Morning Britain, and told viewers about a recent incident which left him "embarrassed".

EastEnders star confirms major curveball ahead for Keanu and Sharon

Is a Sheanu reunion on the cards?

EXCLUSIVE Head chef, 38, died suddenly in Cornwall beach bar

EXCLUSIVE Matt Halford, 38, was found collapsed in the walk-in chiller of the Watering Hole on Perranporth Beach shortly after 9am on Saturday.

Britney Spears' husband Sam Asghari thinks conservatorships should 'be illegal'

Sam Asghari thinks conservatorships should "be illegal" and the situation his wife Britney Spears found herself in "should've never happened".

Celebrities who converted to new religions

Religion: it’s not polite to argue about it over dinner, but it’s also a big part of many people’s lives. Some celebrities are very public and open with their religious choices and beliefs, while others choose to keep their faith a little more private. It’s a deeply personal decision, often made as a result of marriage, trauma, or a hunt for meaning. Curious to find out which celebrities went through religious conversions over the years? Read on to learn more.

Depeche Mode dismiss suggestions Alan Wilder could rejoin

Depeche Mode have dismissed speculation Alan Wilder - who quit the group in 1995 - is set to rejoin the band in place of the late Andy Fletcher.

ITV Good Morning Britain: Show bosses announce Piers Morgan's replacement two years after he dramatically stormed off stage

“To have the ability to hold politicians to account, over the cost of living, is a privilege and a responsibility"

The Apprentice winner Marnie Swindells on cheeky unaired quip she made to Lord Alan Sugar

The business tycoon remained 'straight-faced' over the remark.

Prince Harry makes surprise a appearance on Car S.O.S

The duke, who was a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan, said in a video message he would like to meet former Lance Corporal Stephan Van Niekerk.

George and Louis are 'protective' of Kate in latest royal photo - using 'barrier gesture'

A body language expert spoke exclusively to about Kate Middleton and her little ones, analysing two official Mother's Day photographs.

Rihanna's security detains man after his attempt to propose

Rihanna’s security detail has detained a man after he attempted to propose to her. According to a police report obtained by TMZ, a security team for the Diamonds singer apprehended a man who arrived at her house on Thursday, reportedly having travelled from South Carolina. When the man told security he wanted to ask for Rihanna’s hand in marriage, ...